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Swagbucks Pending question

So ive been killing it with doing their (mainly) casino game offers lately, ive done the Huuuge for 9000, Billionaire for 4500, and just completed the Club Vegas one for 3500, but even tho the Billionaire Casino one said it'd have SB Pending for up to 7 days, it came immediately after hitting level 160, but my Club Vegas that i finished this morning but is showing pending for 6 days.
So my question is why did BC not pend but CV is even tho they are both from SB themselves? And do they typically actually pend for the whole 7 days or have a habit of coming sooner? Mainly asking just for curiosity for future games im about to start. I usually stay away from the ones that do the 32 day pending tho. (HC credited my 9000 immediately and was through RevU, BC & CV was through SB, but BC was immediate)
For any1 curious, personally i found CV to be harder than other 2, i beat the BC to lvl 160 in 1 day, HC to lvl 200 in 3, CV took me 3 days but alot more time and strategy, which if anyone wants to know a really good way to beat HC and BC like i did, let me know. I did spend 2.99 on HC to speed through my final 20 levels due to over betting and bad luck losing all my chips when i shouldn't have chanced it, but spent nothing on BC and FLEW through it. The charm thing they are doing right now is especially helpful early on since you can power level by bidding "high" (in beginning a 200k bet is considered high and that makes the charm quality and amount max out easy) I HIGHLY recommend playing the game called "Huge Diamond Wins", but theres a certain way to play i will save for a guide if yall want one, as at first you may notice not as many wins happen but you can win a TON of chips on here especially the way i figured out how to. And also facebook/twitter freebies help you majorly. As well as joining Platnium clubs, and completing workouts. Let me know if I should post a quick guide on these as i have a ton of experience now eith these and even my friends are doing these now, finishing in about 1 or 2 days depending on how much they play, and how much they actually follow what i told them to do lol.
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(SPOILERS) Part One, Guide to Trophies.

TROPHIE HUNTER GUIDE--- Not 100% spoiler if you start from top to bottom as listed!
This is a guide to help you Quickly Obtain all the avaiable Trophies given at this time Via Game updates. Their are currently 34 Trophies and of course the main goal would be getting that "Platnium". Well this may take some time and hardwork... Which brings us to our helpful guide! Let's start with the basics and gain complexity as we move down the list! "1. Out of this world!-- The easiest trophy ever, simply play the friggin game, then get to the point where you step into Ni No Kuni. Done!
"2. En Guardian!-- This trophy is awarded for defeating your first guardian! Which turns out to be the Guardian of the woods, now the asiest way to defeat him is by sticking to the defense (Blocking every time you see the "!" Notification and words appearing above his head.) Now if you fail at hitting defend and accidently click "Attack" then don't fret. Simpily hit "o" and it will take you back to the action menu. This will of course only leave you in between 1-3 seconds to select defend.... be quick.. Now fireball(Oliver's attack spell) is the best way of damaging ths thug, just spam it as time progresses you will wear him down and end the fight. Just keep your guard up! Done!
"3. Anchors Aweigh!-- Awarded for obtaining the Sea Cow(Ship). This one needs no guide nor help, simiply continue the story and eventually you will gain this Trophy.. The only challenge however is of course "Swaines Nightmare". Now the easiest way to defeat this boss is by keeping on the offensive. Make sure before the battle you stock up on a few "Be gones" for the curse that this boss shall cast on you. Now if you can get your knickers on some "Sleep-Be-Gone" then I would HIGHLY recommend it, whatever the cost. This boss likes to cast sleep on his oppnents like the bugga he is. I focused on running around and keeping the enemy away from me as oliver casting spells on the boss while keeping my magic high enough for me to allow healing. Whenver you start to see the Boss surround himself with a dark glow, prepare for his teleport and super attack. If you can cut him off and Cancel his attack then by all means rejoice for the high plausable outcome(A Golden Glim). Now keep on the relentless attacks and defend/attack during his spuers and ensure never to leave a teammate cursed or alseep and you may very easily overcome this boss.
"4. Raising the Stakes!-- Awarded for recieving your first turn in(Award) in the Cyrpt Casino! This is by far one of the easiest to get. You could even cheat and buy 2,000 chips(for 10,000 guilders... Of course 1,000 chips at a time) then turn around and claim a Crownberries or a Big Babana for 2,000 chips earning your prize.... Orrrrrrrrr you could have fun and earn enough chips to buy a prize. Personally I played Platoon and earned up to 98,200 chips(I Kept trying over and over doubling my stakes time and time again until I won, took a while.) The Casino's are very fun I assure you. Don't overlook this as a dumb add on. Time well spent :3
"5. Man of steal!-- Awarded for stealing 50 times as swaine using mugshot! This is again an easy Trophy, go to ding dong dell, get into a battle with any weak creature there. Set other members tactics as "Do Nothing" then steal away. By this stage in the game these Familars would only do 1 damage to your people at a time making for a easy time ahead of you.
"6. Familiarizer!-- Awarded for taming 20 different species of familiars. This trophy is not as bothersome as it sounds, simiply run around knocking out familiars and getting hearts over their heads and Serending them with Esther. Of course ensure that it is 20 different familars.
"7. and 8. New sheriff in town!-- Awarded for Completing 10 different bounty hunts. Bounty Hunter!-- Awarded for completing 40 different bounty hunts. All I can say for this one is don't be afraid of a bounty when it shows up as a 6 star merit award. You can take any bounty at any time and I assure you, with good enough tactics you can win. They wouldn't give you a bounty at your point in the game that you could not handle! Guide for bounty hunts: 086 – Vegetable Thief Location: Southeast of Ding Dong Dell (Summerlands) (Should either be on the beach or near it). Objective: Defeat Gruffian(whoop that newb arse) How to: Take out the two Gruffs first, and then the Gruffian (It's pretty simple as long as you don't let them surround you and pile drive you). Stamps: 2
087 – Travelers Torment Location: North of Golden Grove, and west of Ding Dong Dell, should be near some bones. Objective: Defeat Grumpeafowl How to: Go for the Sleepeafowls first, the others are quite easy later. Stamps: 2
088 – A Precious Root Location: South of Golden Grove (Must have completed quest #3) Objective: Defeat Lumberwood. How To: This little bugga is slow as a cow, try keeping your distance and hitting him with ranged. Stamps: 2
089 – A Duel in the Desert Location: Just to the north of Al Mamoon. Objective: Defeat the Bone Brigadier How To: Focus on defeating the Bone Brigadier first, since his ability attacks are kind of hurtful. Stamps: 2
090 – Babana Thief Location: To the way eastern section of Shimmering Sands. Objective: Defeat the Adamantiger How To: He is pretty easy. I used firball with oliver a couple times to defeat him, helps alot! Stamps: 3
091 – Merchant’s Menace Location: Northeast for Castaway Cove, on a hill. Objective: Defeat the Gobspeed. How To: This is a really easy fight. Stamps: 3
092 - Magmadness Location: Old Smokey – Left of the first intersection. Objective: Defeat the Magmoiselle How To: If you have waterbased familiars, use them. Otherwise pummel her to the ground. Stamps: 4
093 – A Greedy Pirate Gang Location: Robinson Island (the little island) Objective: Defeat the Puss in Bouts (and his gang). How To: Be in level 25 at the very least. It’s a pretty tough battle. I recommend using All-out attacks on Puss in Bouts first, and then take out the other guys. Stamps: 3
094 – A Starting Sea Monster Location: At sea – Near Robinson Island Objective: Defeat the Hubber Blubber How To: If you’ve cleared the Fairyground, you should already have fought one, and if you’re at level 25, this really should not be the biggest of problems. Stamps: 5
095 – Researchers’ Ruin Location: Shipwreck Shore – Under a pretty obvious arch. Objective: Defeat Collum How To: Strangely easy. Just do not use physical attacks, but MP required attacks. Stamps
096 – A Ghostly Machine Location: On a railroad bridge, south of Hamelin. Objective: Defeat the Tin-Man How To: Be level 28 at least. Have a good star familiar with you. Have your friends focus on the other enemies and defeat the Tin-Man yourself. Stamps: 4
097 – Cliff-Top Chaos Location: South of Hamelin, at the bay, but on top of the cliff at some ruins. Objective: Defeat the Fluvius Maximus How To: He is not easy. I suggest a level 30 character at least. Hit him with firebased attacks. Stamps: 6
098 – Causing a Stink Location: Ghostly George (up a big hill) Objective: Defeat the Fug. How To: He hurts a lot, but has very little HP, so play defensively. He does not like Storm attacks. Stamps: 6
099 – Magmadder than Ever Location: Half way up Old Smokey. Objective: Defeat the Magmamadame. How To: Waterbased attacks! This boss is a bit harder than the predecessor, but if you keep all alive and play defensively you should get this without too much hassle. Stamps: 6
100 – Shell on Earth Location: Skull Mountain – Around the bottom. Objective: Defeat the Shellraiser How To: He is actually a tough battle. He does not want to take a lot of damage, so for your own good, switch a lot between defensive and offensive play. Luckily his attacks are not that devastating and they leave you a good room for healing yourself. Stamps: 6
101 – Splash Damage Location: Sea - Around Russet Isle Objective: Defeat the Blubber Bubbler How To: He is actually not that hard. He does not have a whole lot of health and attacks very slowly. If you have your defences up on the bigger attacks and have storm based familiars this is over quickly. Stamps: 6
102 – Fiery Giant Location: At the foot of Old Smokey Objective: Defeat the Fire Orgrrr How To: This is a tough boss. I was at level 30 and I had a bit of trouble. Waterbased attacks and a lot of defensive play is the way to go on this one. Stamps: 6
103 – Bewitched by a Beast Location: Northwest of Perdida. Objective: Defeat the Dualynx How To: It’s a quite easy fight actually. You should focus on all-out attacks since Lynx enemies have healing abilities. Stamps: 4
104 – Catch the Fleeing Fiend Location: The Barrens Objective: Tempus Majora How To: This guy is weak against fire. He is also kinda slow, and he really shouldn’t prove that much a problem. Stamps
105 – An Island in Crisis Location: The small island southwest of Swan Island. Objective: Defeat the Dusty Fug. How To: Other than the standard attack all other attacks only hurts you indirectly. Use storm attacks. Stamps: 4
106 – Sleighbell Hell Location: Sleighbell Isles. Objective: Defeat the Papa Sasquash How To: You will defeat a lot of these in the Glistering Grotto. This should prove little problem. Stamps: 4
107 – Icy Giant Location: Winter Isle – Ice pond on the north western side. Objective: Defeat the Ice Orgrrr How To: He does not like fire. He is both fast and menacing, but he doesn’t use magic attacks often, so you can actually stand far away from him, away from danger. Stamps: 8
108 – a Kingdom on the Brink Location: Rolling Hill (to the west). Objective: Defeat the Shellfire. How To: You should be around level 50 at this point in the game, and then it should be pretty easy to get this guy, especially with water familiars. Physical attacks are not effective. Stamps: 8
109 - Magmageddon Location: Old Smokey – At the very top. Objective: Defeat the Magmadonna How To: Man, there is a lot of firebased enemies. Water is good, and physical damage are pretty good too. Go all attack often, since she doesn’t attack often. Stamps: 8
110 – Vicious Venom Location: The Spindle Objective: Defeat the Smoggy Fug How To: This guy is also weak against storm attacks. His attacks are a bit more menacing and I think a level 50 at least should be appropiate. Stamps: 8
111 – Save the Researchers Location: Nazcaä Objective: Defeat the Doric Collum How To: He is not that terribly hard, if you just use storm attacks. His attacks do pack a punch but he doesn’t attack that often and he is rather slow. Stamps: 8
112 – Terror on the Tundra Location: Scrooge Island Objective: Defeat the Celestius Primus How To: This guy does not like fire. He has a few bombastic attacks but he is pretty slow. Stamps: 8
113 – King of the Deep Location: Objective: Defeat the Prince of Whales How To: Defend often! Some of his water attacks are pretty fearsome. Use storm attacks to bring him down. Stamps: 10
114 – Shellshocked! Location: Eastern Autumnia Objective: Defeat the ShellShocker. How To: This guy has a lot of HP and is resistant to storm. Heavyhitting magic and physical attacks are the only way to go. Remember to go all-out defensive from time to time. Stamps: 10
115 – A Legend Appears Location: Solitary Isle Objective: Defeat the Ionic Collum How To: This guy does not take damage easily, plus his attacks are quite powerful. It’s compensated by being weak against storm attacks, and his attacks are pretty slow. A lot of defending works wonderfully. Stamps: 10
"9. and 10. Boy scout!-- Awarded for running 15 different errands. Tips for this >.>.> DONT BE LAZY, ITS ONLY 15 ERRANDS, SOME TAKE LESS THAN 30 SECONDS TO DO! Humanitarian of the Year!-- Awarded for running 60 different errands. This helpful and organized guide can help you thanks to IGN:
"11. and 12. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz!-- Awarded for Alchemizing 10 different items! Mad Scientist!-- Awarded for Alchemizing 120 different items! This is the long and hard trophy which takes time for collecting and producing materials. The best tips I can give is to follow this well laid out ingredient layout thanks to IGN "RECIPES"-- "Ingredients"--
"13. Super Hero!-- Awarded for collecting all the merit awards. You should have this by now if you have 7-10.
"14. Treasure Hunter!-- Awarded for finding all hidden treasure chests. Here they are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
"15. Globetrotter!-- Awarded for setting foot in all secluded regions. Here is the map:
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